Copper metallurgy equipment

The blast furnace is one of the most important metallurgical equipment,it has the following characteristics:high thermal efficiency,high specific productivity(specific capacity),high metal recovery rate,low cost,less covering area and so on.

Sintering machine

 Sintering machine is suitable for sintering operation of large ferrous metallurgy sintering factory,which is the main equipment in exhaust sintering process.It can sinter different components,different particle concentrate powder and rich-mineral powder to blocks,and partly eliminate sulfur harmful substance(such as sulfur,phosphorus etc.)in ore.The larger the sintering area,the more the yield.

secondary lead metallurgy equipment

It is good to use converter to dispose lead-acid battery plate for secondary lead.Converter has higher thermal efficiency,higher operation rate than reverberatory furnace,it also has some advantages as below:high degree of mechanization,good working conditions,good environment protection effect.

zinc oxide metallurgy equipment

The rotary kiln has high production capacity,high degree of mechanization,simple operation and maintenance,can adapt to a variety of industrial raw materials sintering,roasting,evaporation,calcination,segregation and other processes.It is widely used in metallurgy industry,cement industry,refractories industry,chemical industry etc..

The advantages and disadvantages of imperial smelting f

For smelting matte, blast furnace has wide adaptability, high hearth efficiency, and high thermal efficiency. So in history, it is one of the most important copper smelting methods. Traditional blast furnace top is open, only can handle lump ore or agglomerate, flue gas contains low concentration of SO2, it is not easy to effectively recycle and has envi

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The main technical conditions of lead smelting in blast

The input quantity Each input quantity of blast furnace depends on the furnace size,large furnace can reach 1~3.5t ,small furnace just can reach 100~500kg.Feeding time interval usually be 10 ~ 20 min, material surface wave can not more than 0.5 m before and after feeding.

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What can we get from lead blast furnace smelting proces

After the lead burden reduction smelting in blast furnace, we can obtain all kinds of smelting products as below: crude lead, lead matte, arsenic matte, soot and slag.

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Modern furnaces

The blast furnace remains an important part of modern iron production. Modern furnaces are highly efficient, including Cowper stoves to pre-heat the blast air and employ recovery systems to extract the heat from the hot gases exiting the furnace. Competition in industry drives higher production rates. The largest blast furnaces have a volume around 5580

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blast furnace is a type of metallurgical furnace used f

A blast furnace is a type of metallurgical furnace used for smelting to produce industrial metals, generally iron, but also others such as lead or copper.

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The theory and process of matte converting

The main ingredients of matte: Cu2S - FeS, a little other metal sulfides (such as Ni3S2, Co3S2, PbS, ZnS and so on), precious metals (Au, Ag), platinum group metal, trace amount of Se, Te, As, Sb, Bi and other elements. The basic principle of converting, simply, is to remove almost all iron and sulfur in liquid matte by using oxygen in the air, at the same t

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